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The Way Home Academy is a creative laboratory of experiential learning and training for your personal and professional growth. This is a place where you can learn about creativity, healing, transformation, group dynamic, authenticity, self-discovery, multiculturism and more in your own time, space and path. Most importantly, this is the space where you can learn and experience your True self on different levels.


We offer different kinds of courses and single lessons that are simple, constructive, structured and creative. The content and materials are original and designed for every human being (based on multiple researches from different areas), regardless of your cultural background, mentality or religion.


The Way Home Academy works online because we believe that your psychical distance, your timing, your life circumstances should not limit you in paving the way to growth and development of your True self. We have courses in English, Hebrew and Russian (hopefully, we’ll add many more languages in a near future) that are based on the international work and learning of cultural bridges.


The Way Home professional courses are recognized by the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. With every lesson comes the homework and a personal feedback from the course director Vlada Zapesotsky that will serve you as your own creative outcome.


If you have questions or want to hear more details, don’t hesitate to contact us and sign up for the next free online introductory session. We will help you to choose the right direction and find a course/personal supervision for your own Way Home to your True Self.


Personal message from the creator of The Way Home Academy Vlada Zapesotsky:


“I believe in sharing the knowledge instead of keeping it to yourself. That is the reason, I created this project for your own independent self-development and growth, bringing together all my personal and professional knowledge and life experience. This is not a theory or a “how to do” list of rules. The Way Home is a life practice that warms up your own creativity and imagination, activates your soul and empowers your inner system to find your own way of being, living and expressing yourself safely and naturally. I am happy to share with you The Way Home practical and creative tools that will become

your personal helpers and inner guides.”

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