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The power to feel!

I am meeting many different people in my work who come from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and mentalities. I love this multicultural community because it teaches me about what it really means to be a human being. Not a Jewish or american, or democratic, or religious, or men, or women but a true human who cries and smiles, feels and experiences, loves and hopes... And let me tell you, we all want to Feel!!! That's why we fall in love, give birth to our children, create fr

Self-discovery in virtual reality

Dear friends all over the world! I am posting here to bring your attention to the project that I am working on lately. After finishing my book and starting the PhD program on Integral Psychology, I focused my research on developing the connection between the experience of self-discovery and virtual reality. I believe that instead of fearing and arguing about the damage caused by technology (especially, video games), we need to use these resources for a good cause and bring th