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  • Writer's pictureVlada Zapesotsky

The power to feel!

I am meeting many different people in my work who come from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and mentalities. I love this multicultural community because it teaches me about what it really means to be a human being. Not a Jewish or american, or democratic, or religious, or men, or women but a true human who cries and smiles, feels and experiences, loves and hopes... And let me tell you, we all want to Feel!!! That's why we fall in love, give birth to our children, create friendships, try to find a professional fulfillment, change our life courses. And the funny thing is that when we go through all of these life experiences, we do everything we can in order to block our feelings, find a practical way to "deal" with all these things that makes us feel. This is funny because we brought it into our life in order to feel, to experience life fully. So let's enjoy our own power and just feel it all! Believe me, I know how scary, vulnerable and unstable it might be but only because it's really valuable to us, to all of us-humans. We are here to Feel!!! With our whole heart, this strong, warm, vulnerable, deep, real human heart!!! This is our true power!!! Universal power that brings us Home, to our inner core, to our truth and nature. Wishing you all a day full of feelings and thus full of life❤ #TheWayHomeToYourTrueSelf #lifejourney #selfdiscovery #thepowertofeel #universal #personalgrowth #amazonbook

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