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Over the past years, I have researched and developed a healing concept and action model called The Way Home to Your True Self, which is a practice of returning to one's inner beginning, one's true nature and whole self. This concept of ‘return’ does not mean that the person is going backwards to where he or she had started life. Rather, it is a journey of discovery in which he or she is able recognize this inner space of the natural and true self, to enrich it, and to start building a unique, flexible and safe inner container that is appropriate in the here-and-now. I named this space “The Inner Home” because this metaphor describes in detail all the components of our inner space, reflecting the personality, belief system, imagination, actions, and creative sparks. This inner space might be called a person’s Soul and is built from true and genuine powers, strengths, abilities, and resources. The main component of such an Inner Home is the feeling of being your own person, or your Self, in which safety, containment, truthfulness, spontaneity, and free expression are states that we experience naturally in our own home-space.


In my work, I discovered various techniques based on Classical Psychodrama, as well as TSM (a clinical approach for treating trauma), that help clients realize how far they are from their own Inner Home, what blocks their path, and how they can remove the obstacles on this road home. The tools I developed help the client understand how to get on the path, own it, and live it. Just these first steps prove to be healing, giving a sense of mindfulness, joy, and tranquility. Most significantly, while I worked with many different individuals, I have not met one who could not connect to this universal concept of Home or who could not understand the feeling of being at home with him-or herself, regardless of their cultural or religious beliefs.


Having this roadmap, myself, my work as a therapist and director became much more focused and productive. Instead of wandering with the client in his or her vast inner world and reliving the many inner dramas (many of which are interesting but not specifically related to self-discovery), the person begins to recognize the way that is true and constructive, leading to the direction of reclaiming the knowledge that it is he or she who knows the path to the Inner Home.


My concept and structure contain clinical psychological elements and experiential techniques as well as metaphysical, mystical and spiritual. Without stopping practicing and conducting numerous seminars, trainings and individual sessions, I developed a practical methodology and various actionable techniques that allowed one to renew the connection with his- or her own Inner Home and find the way toward it safely, naturally, and clearly. It is precisely now, when I feel myself not only an accomplished professional of my field, but also a person who has found her true calling and is in service for so many different people, I can surely say that everyone has his own Inner Home- the sacred autonomous healing space where we know who we truly are in our essence of resiliency, spontaneity and creativity. In This Home we can express ourselves in the most natural and authentic ways with body-mind-emotions and spirit in good balance. This Home supports us to be real-- in our own real way! I am happy to support and guide everyone who is willing to start this exiting inner journey and help in finding your own way Home to your True self.



The Way Home: Discovering the Path

to your Truth, Nature and Inner Treasures




"The Way Home" opens with a fairy tale that is heart-warming, creative, and endearing and makes it easy to visualize what Vlada means by an “inner world” and how we create it during our childhood acculturation. 

Our inner world is alive, peopled with vibrant, sullen, exciting, known and unknown parts of ourselves. In psychology, these are called roles and role theory, but Vlada's description is anything but dry and academic. 

Every culture has a myth or fairy tale describing the journey of self-discovery that all humans yearn to undertake yet are afraid to without a proper guide. Vlada’s book starts with her own fairy tale about a young boy and how the contrast between his inner and outer worlds developed. She then shows us how to “activate” our personal guides and talk to and heal with them.

May we all learn, like the boy in Vlada’s opening story, that our tears of mourning the past are precisely what the rare flower within needs to flourish and heal. 
Vlada conceptualizes the inner life (or psyche) as a Home with multiple rooms to which we can return for new discoveries and self-care.


Reading "The Way Home" can remind us all to activate own inner Housekeeper – to have a neutral (non-judgmental) observer of our actions and to sweep out old feelings of self-blame and shame. 

Vlada’s Inner Heart Companion is what psychodramatists call the Double, and in Shadow Work roughly corresponds to the Lover archetype. Her concept of inner guides is reminiscent of Carl Jung’s archetypes and the collective unconscious – though in her world view, we have a choice in how to personify these inner voices to serve us in our healing journey. 
Whether you are well-versed in stories of a 'mythological quest' or a newcomer to its terminology, Vlada's down-to-earth writing is filled with examples that will light your path. 
As she says, you do not need to know how to get where you are going; you “only need to make a choice…connect to [your] personal soul navigator who will lead [you] Home.”




From childhood in a remote Siberian town, to a vibrant, interactive career in the metropolitan US, the author has had a long and deep journey Home. Using metaphor and concrete examples, she shares how to have faith in yourself and your dreams. Sincere, heart-felt, Vlada speaks her truth, clarifying the inner messages we all hear in our heads, as coming from our inner companions and guides, who support the reader on the journey Home. It is as simple as: “Slowly you approach the door and gently you open it, coming into your own light.”

Andrea C Hummel, M.A., anthropologist, community reconciliator, psychodramatist, founder of Improv for Peace. 


This masterpiece by new author Vlada Zapesotsky deserves a place in the heart and on the bookshelf of anyone who has yearned for meaning in life or experienced trauma of any kind. From her personal sharing to connections to quantum physics, this book shows the reader how to Find Their Way Home. I am proud to see how Vlada takes the clinical roles of the trauma survivors internal role map from Therapeutic Spiral Model psychodrama and draws people in with her clear writing. This is a book you need to read!

Kate Hudgins, Ph.D., TEP, international trainer. Therapeutic Spiral Model International


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