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  • Writer's pictureVlada Zapesotsky

Why be a wanderer, when you have your own safe, natural and true Home.

I believe that Everyone has his own Inner Home- the sacred inner space where we know who we truly are in our essence of resiliency, spontaneity and creativity. In This Home we are allowed to express ourselves in the most natural and authentic ways with body-mind-emotions and spirit in good balance. This Home supports us to be real-- in our own real way! I truly know that everyone is able to hear the call of Your Home that is always there---to see it’s signals, and to build a sense of safety no matter where your life journey is or will go in the future.

Your True Home is something that you love more than your life circumstances, your fears, your human limitations, your ego. This is a center of your inner universe, something worthy and unique that makes you-You. It brings you a sense of safety, meaning, peace, creativity and authenticity.

The Way Home to Your True Self is a practice of returning to one's inner beginning, one's true nature and whole self. This concept of ‘return’ does not mean that the person is going backwards to where he or she had started life. Rather, it is a journey of discovery in which he or she is able recognize this familiar inner space of the natural and true self, to enrich it, and to start building a unique, flexible and safe inner container that is appropriate in the here-and-now. I named this space “The Inner Home” because this metaphor describes in detail all the components of our inner space, reflecting the personality, belief system, imagination, actions, and creative sparks; our soul.

The Way Home is a healing and creative journey of a self-discovery, where you can unfold your true potential and feel at Home with who you are, in the here and now.

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