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  • Writer's pictureVlada Zapesotsky

The true heart connection with your child

I receive many clients who come to my practice because they want to resolve some of their children's issues or simply "to fix" them. And I do provide emotional support and therapy work for teens in my practice. BUT, the one who usually needs to do the work is the parent and not a child/teen. That's because the only helpful thing we can do to support our children and help them to resolve their issues is to really see and feel them as they are. When the child is seen, heard and emotionally contained, he/she is capable of finding the way and becoming his/her best self. Sometimes, it takes time, which is very natural, but it happens. So the work that we need to do as parents is to learn how to contain our child emotionally, to recognize our feelings that are brought up by the child and to find a way to be there for him/her with our open heart. That's what every child really needs!!! And that's why I usually don't agree to take the child into the therapy because I know that he/she doesn't need me but his/her own parent. Please, be aware of it and come to do the work we parents need to do in order to create a true close connection with our children and be more present in our own life!!! Blessings! #parenting #connection #lifejourney #TheWayHomeToYourTrueSelf

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