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  • Writer's pictureVlada Zapesotsky

Teenagers, love and support

I work with teenagers at my private practice, I have 2 teenagers at home. I feel them and I know their struggles and challenges. The thing that they need most from us - parents is the best support and love that we can give them. When I say support, I don't mean solving their problems, giving them advises or preventing different life experiences from them. I mean, attentive care and love without conditions. They need this boost of trust and acceptance from us so they can fill up with this power of love that only parents can give and go out to the world "to fight their battles" and believe me they face so much of them ( whether they share it with us or not). They need to find their own way to deal with all the life experiences that life is throwing at them. So it really doesn't matter how wise, experienced and strong we are, we can't give this knowledge to them. They need to find their own. This is the whole point of living the life, your life. So believe me, parents, they only need your love and support. Love without conditions. And support that says, I see you, I hear your challenges and I trust that you can handle it, I believe in you and I am here to give you all the care you need to go out there and find your own way to be you. This is a challenging role but if we intent to be this way for our children, it becomes easier and more natural with every day. Sending my love and support to all the parents and their wonderful children❤ #TheWayHomeToYourTrueSelf #lifejourney #selfdiscovery #love #teenagers #personalgrowth

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