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Vlada Zapesotsky, PhD candidate, TEP, AL-TSI, trainer, educator, and practitioner.  

Founder of International Foundation for Healing
and Creativity The Way Home
International practitioner and trainer, educator,
speaker and writer
Author of the book "The Way Home: Discovering
the Path to your Truth, Nature and Inner Treasurers."

Vlada Zapesotsky (Deitch) was born in Siberia, Russia into a highly creative family of a TV director and a newspaper editor. When she was just sixteen years-old, she decided to leave Russia, by herself, for Israel. Being a Russian Jew, she believed Israel to be her true home. While there, Vlada studied journalism and at the age of nineteen, she became an Israeli cultural commentator for one of the largest International Russian Channels. After a few years, she worked in the field of movie production, taking different roles of scenarist, director's assistant, and producer. Concurrently, she was studying Educational Psychology, a field she found highly interesting, and soon discovered Psychodrama. Becoming impressed with its depth and efficacy in helping people deal with problems, Vlada continued studying this method. After graduation, Vlada worked in Barzilai University Medical Center, as a Psychodrama Creative Art Therapist.


In 2014, Vlada moved to the Bay Area in California with her husband and two children. After getting American credentials as a practitioner and trainer in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotheray and as Trauma specialist (TSI), she founded a center of healing and creativity, The Way Home, where she leads workshops, trainings, and experiential and educational sessions and courses in English, Hebrew and Russian. At this center, Vlada has developed her own healing vision and creative action model, The Way Home-to Your True Self, serving people on a personal and professional level.



My way of discovering my true calling and becoming a therapist and a trainer wasn't easy.  I've always been a visioner and I knew I would create the right space for my professional and personal fulfillment that will bring me joy and a sense of meaning. But I had no idea where I will find it. I was interested in journalism and movie productions because of the creativity of these areas. I wanted to feel creative, to be a creator. I made a lot of effort to become a professional in these fields but once I made my way in this industry, I realized that there is a piece that's missing for me in this kind of creativity. I didn't feel that I am truly in service, not because of the specifics of this profession, but because I was fulfilling only a part of myself and my true self wasn't fully expressed yet. At that time, I was already very fascinated with Psychology and had begun to study Educational Psychology (MA) – more for my own pleasure than for any other reason. Until I heard of Psychodrama, a therapeutic approach that bring healing and creativity together. I felt as this science was invented especially for me and that's when the conscious journey to my self-discovery, my Way Home truly began.   


I started to study Psychodrama in 2009 at International Network of Expressive Arts Therapy Training Centers " Isis", Bar Ilan University, Israel. I was trained by great professionals (my Primary Trainer was Yaacov Naor, MA, C.A.G.S, TEP) and graduated this 3 years program at 2012. During the second year, I had a practicum at the Barzilai University Medical Center, Child and Adolescent Unit, Ashkelon. I was supervised by clinical psychologists and psychiatrists. After 2 years of practicum, I was offered to continue my work as Creative Art and Psychodrama Therapist at this Medical Center. I worked in different departments, doing an individual and group therapy for children and adolescents with behavioral and emotional disorders, children on the autism spectrum. I led psychodrama groups, supporting and educating parents in the process of recognizing the emotional needs of their kids. I led a psychodrama group at the Hostel of Mental Disabled, working with mentally disabled aged 30-65.


In March 2014, I moved to Bay area with my husband and 2 kids. I knew that I need to find my place in psychodrama community here in US. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel at home here.

I attended 1.5 year of different workshops and professional training in Bay Moreno Institute (led by Sylvia Israel LMFT, TEP, RDT/BCT and John Olesin MA, TEP) and accepted my American (CP Certified Practitioner) in March 2016 and PAT (Practitioner and Trainer) in July 2016. I joined a professional team of TSI led by Dr Kate Hudgins, a recognized international expert in treating trauma with experiential psychotherapy (PhD, TEP) and opened a Multicultural Center of Healing and Creativity "The Way Home" in Sunnyvale where I work with groups and individuals in English, Russian and Hebrew. In 2014, I developed my own healing vision and action model The Way Home-to your True Self and released a book The Way Home: Discovering the Path to your Truth, Nature and Inner Treasures. I feel very grateful to be recognized and accepted by the warm and creative psychotherapy community here in US!!

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