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Self-discovery in virtual reality

Dear friends all over the world! I am posting here to bring your attention to the project that I am working on lately. After finishing my book and starting the PhD program on Integral Psychology, I focused my research on developing the connection between the experience of self-discovery and virtual reality. I believe that instead of fearing and arguing about the damage caused by technology (especially, video games), we need to use these resources for a good cause and bring th

Share your True Self with me

In my opinion, one of the biggest cultural rituals is the presentation of the social self, the external story that people create as a part of the cultural tradition. This is one of the cultural myths that I’ve been examining for a long time as a part of my personal and professional journey. This observation comes from my own story of consistent movement, from one country, language, culture, and society to another. This international experience allowed me to realize that the s